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taylor beach 3


With this bout of good weather we’ve been having I’ve been taking full advantage of the fact that we’re only and hour from the ocean.  Took a quick afternoon trip to Florence Oregon yesterday with model Taylor and brought Micah along to make her makeup artist debut.  She passed her test with flying colors, and Taylor certainly rose to the occasion, rocking an awesome American Flag bikini by Allison Ditson of Allihalla Designs. 

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micah-02 micah-05 micah-08

Thank goodness spring is finally here.  I was starting to get cabin fever big time.  I’ll take hay fever over cabin fever any day.  Back to work.

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This has been one of the most unpleasant weeks weather wise that I can remember in a long time.  It’s really had me wanting to stay home next to the fire and veg out with the family and some netflix.


I do love shooting this time of year though, and I’ve got some fun things planned for a couple of personal projects that will get me out in the elements with some brave models and creating regardless of the weather.


The images accompanying this post were part of our holiday card shoot this year.  Rheanna, Kaila and I wanted to create the feel of a winter wonderland beauty look in the studio. 


Great models, great crew, a great end to a great year.  Can’t wait to start sharing what 2012 has been bringing!


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Late harvest


I’ve been shooting in this location all summer.  Just by chance took a drive out there for a recent shoot during a break in the weather.  Paid off I think.

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A recent test with Mollie in Eugene.

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A gift…


This time of year in Eugene weather is usually pretty predictable.  Rainy and cold.  Lucked out this morning and had good light and no rain.  

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New model Lia in studio last week.

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Baby It’s cold outside


So I thought I’d share some recent studio work with Kassandra


Kassi shakin things up in the studio


Kassi Floorin’ it.

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A couple of images from a recent test shoot with a new local up and coming model Cat.



Looking forward to more shooting with her soon.

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